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‘There Couldn’t be any Normal Scenes On This Movie’

Oct 21st 2023, 9:28 pm
Posted by 81lottie98
It took me a very long time to know what my director meant when he stated "there couldn't be any normal scenes on this movie." We had been sitting in a small production workplace discussing the script I had written for our undertaking - a small-funds impartial movie - and my director had a very clear imaginative and prescient of what he wanted the movie to be. This imaginative and prescient was so clear that he firmly said "there couldn’t be any normal scenes on this movie."

At first, I was confused because the script I had written actually had some "normal scenes". However, after talking with the director more, I began to understand what he meant. It was not about having normal or mundane scenes, however as a substitute it was about challenging the viewers to assume in another way about the truth of the narrative we have been creating.

He wished to create a movie that pushed boundaries and wasn’t afraid to ask hard questions. He wished each scene to be totally different and to move the story in unique and attention-grabbing ways. He needed the audience to be taken on a thought-upsetting journey by way of the characters’ lives.

To achieve this vision, the director wanted me to give attention to writing scenes that contained robust visual photographs that would inspire the viewers to pay attention and think differently about what was taking place. He needed every scene to tell a narrative within a story.

Writing for this movie was a singular challenge. I was continually having to push myself out of my consolation zone and suppose of how to make each scene more than only a typical dialog between characters. I had to provide you with inventive methods to point out the story and keep it interesting.

This strategy meant I may now not rely on the usual character dialogue to elucidate what was taking place within the scene. Instead, I needed to rely closely on motion and visible representations. I also had to depend on symbolism inside the scenes to help clue the viewers in as to what was taking place.

Though this new strategy was challenging and took me some time to regulate to, I began to understand and recognize what the director was trying to attain with his statement that "there couldn’t be any normal scenes on this movie." It was an thrilling problem to create scenes that had by no means been carried out before.

The top end result was a movie that pushed boundaries and (source) pressured the viewers to suppose in another way about every scene. We were all actually pleased with the top product and everyone involved had an incredible time creating this unique and exciting movie.

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